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What is Nova Vivaldi?
Nova Vivaldi is a private music academy dedicated to providing a quality musical experience at a reasonable cost in a pleasant, non-threatening atmosphere. We believe anxiety is not a requirement for good results. Instruction is offered in beginning to advanced levels in bowed string instruments with an eye to performances in the Denver area.
What does Nova Vivaldi do?
We provide orchestral sessions or group lessons in a congenial small class setting, which combines the best of private instruction with the economy and dynamics of group learning. When groups are prepared to perform, we produce half-hour to 45- minute shows at various venues. The ensembles of Nova Vivaldi have performed at retirement communities, schools, lodges, clubs, luncheons, dinners, and at the Scottish Rite Theater in Denver, Colorado.
Which instruments are taught? 
Our focus is on teaching of violin, viola, cello, and string bass. Electric keyboard theory/improvization classes are now forming and, in the near future, we may add other instruments.
How long are the lessons?
Lessons are scheduled for 30 minutes, but often go on a little longer. Most classes are scheduled outside of the school day.  Classes are available at other times to provide the best learning opportunities for those home school situations. 
How much practice is required?
Any practice is good. We recommend an hour per day. Practice is best, but a great deal of learning can still happen in our sessions even if a student does not get to practice enough between lessons. One of the advantages of group learning is that a student is not alone and “on the spot”.
How much does this cost?
 Orchestra ensemble sessions are available for only $25 per month, which include a mini lesson, rehearsal, and performance opportunities (when prepared). Once-a-week group sessions cost only $55 per month, and a family discount is available. Private lessons can also be arranged. All paper supplies such as books, music, staff paper, folders, and the like are supplied at no additional cost.
How can we get started?
New classes are forming all the time!
Nova Vivaldi
Dr. J.P. Trainor

225 Acoma Street • Denver, CO 80223

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